Joynton Avenue (Green Square) Creative Centre, Community Facilities and Park

Quick Facts:

CLIENT: Council of the City of Sydney
ARCHITECT: Peter Stutchbury Architecture
MBA Restoration/Adaptive Re-use of an Historic Building;
MBA Best Use of Timber Award;
AIA NSW Architecture Medallion;
AIA Greenway Award for Heritage;
AIA Public Architecture Award;
AIA Sustainable Architecture Award; and
AIB Professional Excellence Award for Commercial Construction: $25M – $50M

  • Public domain works for the Green Square administration building (adjacent to the Matron Ruby Grant Park) to ensure maximum accessibility.
  • Creation of a new, open space to include a local scale playground, active play space, shared driveway and a permanent public artwork.
  • New trees, planting, lighting and site services.
  • Total roof replacement for the heritage-listed Green Infrastructure Centre building, which involved replacing slate tiles and timber roof framing.
  • Miscellaneous works such as hydraulic, electrical and fire services.


Project Details:

The Joynton Avenue Creative Centre (JACC), Banga Community Shed and Matron Ruby Grant Park was an intricate and adaptive reuse of the nurses’ quarters and operating theatre at the former Royal South Sydney Hospital. The project involved transforming three heritage-listed buildings – the  Esme Cahill building, a community shed, and a Green Infrastructure Centre.

The revitalisation has breathed new life into the area, creating a communal space for all to enjoy – including a creative centre with artistic workshops, gallery spaces, community hire space, public amenities and creative offices; along with a community shed, park and public artwork.

The development also serves the community with its sustainable attributes by supplying treated storm water throughout the Green Square town centre buildings. With solar panels installed on the roof of the JACC Infrastructure building, the facility produces electricity to power the precinct. This required the development of a single, high voltage connection from new substation kiosks to the electricity grid, and a single low voltage electricity network from the substation kiosks to various council-owned buildings.

The new canopy on the north elevation of the Esme Cahill Building is a metamorphic architectural element. It draws from, and celebrates, the original brick arches on the first floor, creating an inspiring and iconic urban room that bleeds into green space of the Matron Ruby Grant Park.


  • Suite 2.08, 55 Miller St, Pyrmont, NSW 2009


  • (02) 9509 3333