North Beach Bathers’ Pavilion, Wollongong


Quick Facts:

CLIENT: Wollongong City Council
ARCHITECT: Conybeare Morrison International Construction
MBA Excellence in Construction Award – Restoration of an Historic Building
NSW National Trust Heritage Regeneration & New Development Award

  • Heritage refurbishment of the Pavilion viewing platform.
  • Heritage restoration of façade masonry and retention.
  • Demolition of internal structure and new pier foundations.
  • New seawall and beach stair construction.
  • Stormwater trap infrastructure.
  • New lifeguard offices.
  • New restaurant with imported installation of glass roof.
  • Plant equipment and landscaping.

Project Details:

Originally built in 1938, North Beach Bathers’ Pavilion underwent an extensive restoration project which featured the addition of new public amenities and a café.

Lahey worked collaboratively with heritage consultants to review the scope of the conservation and repair, confirm the required outcome method, and establish the materials to be used in accordance with conservation management plans.

The work included heritage masonry repairs and remedial works to restore the iconic 1930s building to its former glory. The brickwork was cleaned, repaired and re-pointed, with specialist contractors engaged to ensure the brickwork repairs matched the original colour.

The civil works around the Pavilion raised complicated geotechnical and access issues during construction of the new 4m-wide beachside pedestrian promenade and retaining walls and the replacement of the seawall as part of the Blue Mile project.



  • Suite 2.08, 55 Miller St, Pyrmont, NSW 2009


  • (02) 9509 3333