Animal Management Facility, Singleton

Animal Management Facility Singleton

Quick Facts:

CLIENT: Singleton Council

Works involved constructing the new animal management building for the Singleton community, comprising a steel structure with Hebal wall system, and featuring:

  • 16 dog pens and a separate isolated quarantine pen.
  • Large cat room.
  • Toilet, shower, and laundry.
  • Reception and office area, allowing rangers to work onsite and remain with the animals.
Project Details:

Care was taken in the design phase to ensure the facility exceeded the latest animal welfare code of practice with consideration and implementation of animal handlers’ requirements, as well as environmental considerations. These included building position and design to encourage air flow, disease and contamination requirements, and the combination of high thermal mass materials and insulation to provide natural heating and cooling.

The design and construction of the building also incorporated sustainable design principles and the use of materials to reduce noise, harness solar energy, capture rainwater, and reuse wastewater. Acoustic design measures as required by the development approval were used to minimise the impact on neighbouring residents, while enhanced footings and slab were used in consideration of the highly reactive clay soils on the site.

Animal Management Facility Rear


  • Suite 2.08, 55 Miller St, Pyrmont, NSW 2009


  • (02) 9509 3333