Charity Begins at Home | Supporting the Yowies

  • Jun 28th, 2021
  • News

A host of Lahey Constructions employees recently met up with visiting members of the Upper Macleay Yowies Football Club to present a hefty cheque for $3,000 towards purchasing winter club jackets.

With a tagline that proudly declares “From the ashes we rise as one” the Yowies are a testament to the resilient spirit shared among those directly affected by the devastating bushfires of Black Summer 2019. Many families within the Upper Macleay lost houses or property and were still reeling from the tragedy when it came time to register for the 2020 football season. The once thriving Yowies Club managed to muster just two teams – senior men and senior women – with many former supporters left without the means to enable their children to take part.

For the Yowies Committee, headed by President Rose Rench and fellow member Brianna McPhillips, failure was not an option. Thanks mainly to a grant from the Australian Sports Foundation, the Yowies were this season able to provide junior members with club shorts, shirts, socks, shinpads and a bag for all the gear, with families only having to supply footy boots. The result? The Club now proudly boasts four junior teams (under 6s, 7s, 9s and 11s) to compete alongside the senior teams.

When Brianna approached brothers Andrew and Phil Lahey, they were only too happy to enlist Lahey Constructions to donate the funds needed for club jackets to complete the Yowies uniform. The Lahey team looks forward to catching the Yowies play throughout the Macleay and wishes them a fantastic season of football!




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