Green Square Creative Centre Community Facilities and Park

Quick Facts:

CLIENT: Council of City of Sydney
ARCHITECT: Peter Stutchbury Architecture

  • public domain works for the Green Square administration building (adjacent to the Matron Ruby Grant Park) to ensure maximum accessibility.
  • development of a single, high voltage connection from new substation kiosks to the electricity grid, and a single low voltage electricity network from the substation kiosks to various council-owned buildings.
  • creation of a new, open space that will include a local scale playground, active play space, shared driveway and a permanent public artwork. The project will also deliver new trees, planting, lighting and site services.
  • total roof replacement for the heritage-listed Green Infrastructure Centre building, which involves replacing slate tiles and timber roof framing.
  • miscellaneous works such as hydraulic, electrical and fire services.


Project Details:

Lahey has been engaged to create a new, large-scale Creative Centre, as well as a public park at Green Square, in Sydney’s inner eastern suburbs.

Most importantly, the project involves transforming three heritage-listed buildings: giving them new life and purpose. These buildings include the former Esme Cahill building, a community shed, and a Green Infrastructure Centre. We are currently working on extending each building, and adding an outdoor room for the three-storey Creative Centre. We are also constructing an amenities building for the single storey community shed.

Alongside the Creative Centre, we are also developing a playground and several leisure zones, as well as making improvements to the building curtilages and entries, and along street frontages and areas within the site adjacent to the project site. Extensive services reticulation installation also forms part of the project.


  • Suite 2.08, 55 Miller St, Pyrmont, NSW 2009


  • (02) 9509 3333