Camperdown Mixed Use Developments

Quick Facts:

CLIENT: Department of Housing


  • 6 storeys of 27 residential units
  • basement storage
  • 2 lifts
  • external parking spaces
  • 2 commercial tenancies and associated landscaping
  • self-cleaning tiles that absorb C02
  • gas boosted solar hot water
  • double-glazed windows


Project Details:

This integrated social housing project provides affordable housing for low- to moderate-income earners as well as for the elderly and disabled. It also includes commercial/ retail spaces on the ground floor.

Environmental considerations were a key priority for the client, and project was designed to include a range of innovative environmental features.

To avoid further delay and to overcome hard rock in the basement that proved difficult to excavate, Lahey changed the development methodology to have the structure redesigned with a pour break between the east and west. This meant we could develop the east while still excavating the building up the basement on the west.

As communication was vital in this project, we appointed a Community Liaison Officer to efficiently manage all relevant community and stakeholder engagement.



  • Suite 2.08, 55 Miller St, Pyrmont, NSW 2009


  • (02) 9509 3333