Harbord Public School is Hi-Tech!

Channel 7 Sunrise morning news ran a segment on the new, Hi-Tech, Harbord Public school over the weekend. The article focused on how the school are introducing new and advanced learning techniques, by using the space and furniture to create flexible, learning environments for the staff and students.

Harbord Public School have introduced innovative new ways of learning using retractable walls, stand up hover boards, interactive white boards, reading pods, Ipads and ‘writable’ white board desks which are seen as the future of education. Rob Stokes, NSW Minister for Education, stated that the Harbord School has initiated, ‘an entirely new way of learning’.

Staff believe that the classroom layout, flexibility and ergonomic furniture are critical to enable the next generation of students to learn in new ways.

Lahey are proud to have built this next generation teaching facility in collaboration with Root Partnerships and the entire project team. We wish the Staff and students of Harbord Public School all the best in their new school!

Watch the Sunrise interview here: https://au.tv.yahoo.com/sunrise/video/watch/34881522/high-tech-school/#page1


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